Welcome to the fanlisting for Anime, or Japanese animation. The term anime comes from the shortened Japanese pronunciation of "animation" and commonly refers to works with a distinct style of Japanese origin. While anime was originally inspired from its Western counterparts, it gradually developed its own unique style in the 1970s, and started to gain mainstream popularity in the 1980s. It entered international mainstream success in the 1990s with hit series such as Dragon Ball (1986), Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (1992), and Pokemon (1997). Today, anime has a worldwide presence and plays an important role in Japan's popular culture, reaching beyond television and movies - from games and manga (Japanese comics), to music and merchandise, to many subcultures such as cosplay (costumes based on anime characters) and doujinshi (fan-made comics).

From action-packed stories with super robots fighting galactic wars in a distant future, to brave young heroes with powerful abilities fighting for justice, to sweet romantic comedies set in a modern high school, and everything else in between, there is definitely an anime for you ☆


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